Weathered Ground Brewery Beer List

Weathered Ground Brewery takes pride in brewing and drinking these libations, and we are proud to finally share that passion with southern West Virginia.
Our Beers

Rad Roots:

Farmhouse Ale

We brewed this Grisette with fresh cut hay from our field and radishes from our garden in July, 2017. We then re-fermented the beer with Brettanomyces and more radishes in oak barrels and let it rest for almost 9 months! The oak barrels previously held Appalachian Cider from Hawk Knob Cidery and Meadery for several months before we scooped them up. Refreshing.

Ghentleman's Pale

Pale Ale

Pale Ale brewed with Chinook and Centennial hops. Brewed for balance. This pale ale is named after Ghent, West Virginia.

Allegheny By Morning

Oat Amber

This toasty amber ale has a silky texture provided by rolled oats and malted oats. This one is aggressively hopped with Mosaic hops.

Tallahatchie IPA

West Coast style India Pale Ale

This IPA is light bodied and dry with a delicious citrusy finish.  Flavors reminiscent of fresh grapefruit and orange all come from the selection of hops.

Enlightened Darkness CH. 2

Dark Sour

Oak aged Dark Sour Ale brewed with sea salt.


Imperial Stout

Straight up big Stout brewed with “no junk” in it. Named after owners Aryn and Sam’s daughter Ada Pauline Fonda.

Crow's Kaw

Black Double IPA

This incredibly smooth Black IPA is brewed with hefty amounts of Wakatu and Jarrylo hops for an exotic combination of hop flavors. Strangely refreshing for a big dark beer!


Wild Ale

This mixed fermentation wild ale is slightly acidic with nice fruit flavors shining through. Fermented in oak barrels (bourbon and red wine) with bottle dregs from some of our favorite sour and Brett beers.

Cool Ridge Lager

Pale Lager

We use a blend of both American and European hops in this pale lager to provide a nice spicy finish that backs up the malty flavor of this summertime favorite.

Goodness Gracious

Double IPA

Our current Double IPA is Citra hop heavy. You can expect a bold grapefruit/tangerine flavor that is dangerously light bodied. We love the dry but creamy finish in this big hoppy beer!


Dry Irish Stout

Named after our co-founder, Tony Kelly’s hometown in Canada with Irish Roots.  Light, crisp, and dark as night.  Roasty up front, but very easy drinking.

RK Double IPA

Double IPA

Our double IPA is named after our own Ryan Kelly!  Big and bold and brewed with all our favorite hops.  Super smooth finish with a lingering fruity aftertaste.

Blissfull Weiss


Our take on a tradition Hefeweizen style wheat ale. Brewed with more wheat than barley and gently hopped just right. Flavors of banana, bubblegum and spicy clove are all balanced with wheat in this summertime sipper.

Haggard IPA


The Haggard IPA is much more of a “New England” style IPA. This beer will be very very cloudy. This is intentional. The cloudy appearance is due to the excessive dry hopping and low flocculating yeast strain. The flavor and aroma comes out much more soft and juicy.

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