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Weathered Ground Brewery
Weathered Ground Brewery4 hours ago
Rye Whiskey stuff. Maple syrup stuff. That’s what we’ve been workin with today. Open @ 4.

Weathered Ground Brewery
Weathered Ground Brewery8 hours ago
Come out this Saturday and enjoy amazing weather with plenty of music, beer, and vendors! St. Luke’s church will be serving up authentic German cuisine for as long as it lasts so get here early for some awesome eats!
Weathered Ground Brewery
Weathered Ground Brewery11 hours ago
This Saturday!!!!
The weather is looking nice for the fire pit and live music!! Stein holding contest as well as German cuisine from St. Luke’s!!!!
Weathered Ground Brewery
Weathered Ground Brewery5 days ago
Open @ 4pm. Blue Twisted Steel takes the stage @ 6pm. Today we’re tapping…
GoUrDy pLeAsUrE~ Pumpkin pie spiced porter. Pizza special this week is The Greek! Come see us in Cool Ridge 🍻
Weathered Ground Brewery
Weathered Ground Brewery6 days ago
🚨 SUNDAY around 2pm we will release~
Thunder 75: Wet Hopped IPA we brew once a year with locally grown hops from our friend Jason in Barboursville, WV.
Jason is a big Marshall fan and came up with the idea to dedicate the beer to the 75 lost in the Marshall University plane crash in 1970 that carried the football team, staff and many others affiliated with the team.

Because these fresh Cascade hops are used the day after they are picked, the flavor is totally different than hops that are dried and pelletized. Experience this small batch on Sunday!!
Weathered Ground Brewery
Weathered Ground Brewery6 days ago
🌾🌾TAKE ME HOME is a lighter (5%) Saison we brew with equal amounts wheat and barley. This batch is quite spicy and earthy with none of the bubblegum notes that are typically present.
The grain flavor is really playing with the yeast here. It has been aging in our horizontal Saison tank for a while now. Ready for consumption!!

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